Our Products

At Klinzer Team, our highly trained, experienced, and skilled workers offers the best cleaners in the market for our clients and customers across India.

Our Industrial Cleaners

  • P1 Bathroom & Tiles Cleaner
  • P2 Hard Surface Cleaner
  • P3 Glass Cleaner
  • P4 Furniture Maintainer
  • P5 Room Freshener Liquid
  • P6 Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • P7 Floor Cleaner
  • P8 Kettle Descaler
  • P9 Laundary Detergent
  • P10 Pearl Liquid Soap
  • P11 Multipurpose Liquid
  • P12 Liquid Dish Cleaner
  • P13 Flying Insect Repelant
  • P14 Carpet Cleaner
  • P15 Rust Cleaner
  • P16 Stainless Steel Cleaner

Avaliable Sizes

Our Products are avaliable in multiple packaging size, however we can also provide in bluck size according to client demands.

500 ML