Klinzer Perfumed Liquid Soap

Perfumed Liquid Soap

It is fun being clean and our perfumed liquid soap stands out in cleaning any type of surface. Klinzer Perfumed Liquid Cleaner can be used for general cleaning. It is also for multi-purpose use. The product is a neutral product (neither to acidic nor too basic) so it is safe for washing hands and also ideal for day to day use. It removes oily or greasiness instantly. The product is also available in different fragrances.

What are the advantages of using our perfumed liquid soap?

Your comfort is the priority here so we majorly focus on giving you the best and instant results. Our perfumed liquid soap is tough on stains and soft on your hands. A liquid soap so good, it brightens up your mood!

Every time you clean with our products, you will notice the following:

  • Tough on stains With natural extracts Klinzer perfumed liquid soap helps to fight tough stains on cookwares and also helps in removing oiliness and greasiness.
  • Safe for hands Soft hands are equally important as shiny surroundings. Klinzer perfumed liquid soap is completely safe for your hands, it doesn’t cause any itiching or hardness while using.
  • Maintain natural shine on cookwares Soaps and many dishwashing gels can leave behind a layer of white residue which is visible after the utensils have dried. Klinzer Perfumed Liquid Soap is easily soluble in water and washes off completely without leaving behind any residue, even after drying.


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