Klinzer Floor Cleaners

Floor Cleaners

Klinzer Floor Cleaner removes greasiness and ensures to clean any type of floor like marble, mosaic cement, ceramic, granite, kota stone, vinyl floor etc. There will be no footprints left behind from sticky and wet floor. Enjoy smooth finish floor. The product maintains natural reflection glow and improves the shine of the floor.

What are the advantages of using our floor cleaner?

It’s only now you realize that you have chosen the best product avaliable in the market. Our floor cleaners are animal and human friendly which stands out to leave no dust or footprints behind and leaves a lingering fragrance. The product is non corrosive and fights tough stains very easily. Klinzer floor cleaner are avaliable in multiple fragrance such as floral, mogra, sandalwood, lavender, lemon and rose.

Every time you clean with our products, you will notice the following:

  • Maintains Natural Shine of floors Klinzer floor cleaners ensures that your flooring always shine as good as new. It helps in fighting tough stains, and bad odour.
  • Safe for nature Klinzer products are packed in recyclable bottles and the formulas that are always safe for the mess makers (not the mess.).The products are also never tested on animals.
  • Powerful Our products are grease-kicking, because we believe clean shouldn’t sting, doesn’t need neon dyes, and shouldn’t have to wear perfume. Our goal is to create the safest, best performing products, without compromise.
How to use our floor cleaner?

Firstly take half bucket of water (5-6 liter) and pour one capful (15-20ml) of Klinzer Floor Cleaner

Mop any type of floor (marble mosaic cement ceramic, granite kota stone, vinyl floor etc) gently. Squeeze mop after every swap and enjoy a smooth non sticky and shiny floor.

Mop, mop, because this cleaner isn’t a flop.