Klinzer Fabric Detergent Liquid

Fabric Detergent Liquid

We love your cloths as much as you do because clothes are expensive! Klinzer Fabric Detergent Liquid is used to clean regular, Formal and winter cloths. It helps in fighting tough stains and it product is free from all harmful chemicals. It gives shiny, soothing and tender effect. For tough stain use the product directly on stain and rub it before wash.

What are the advantages of using our fabric detergent liquid?

Our Fabric Detergent Liquid stands out to remove tough stains and maintain the natural shine of your cloths which also helps in increasing the life of your valuable cloths. The product also takes care of your dirty deeds and makes you smell nice.

Every time you clean with our products, you will notice the following:

  • Ideal for bucket and machine wash Klinzer Fabric detergent liuid can be used in both machine wash and bucket wash which helps in giving your cloths extra life and shine.
  • Maintains natural shine of your cloths Our product maintains your cloths health. it gives extra life to the cloths which is tough on stains and soft on your hands and cloths.
  • Locks freshness and fragranceGet a burst of fragrance all day long with our unique fragrance. This fresh fragrance gets released every time the clothes touch your skin.
How to use our Fabric Detergent Liquid?

For Bucket wash

  • Take one capfulls for 6-8 cloths in 10-12 litre of water, make foam
  • Soak the cloths for 15 minutes and wash as usual

For machine wash

  • Take one caps full for 5 kg clothsand wash as usual


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